Coronavirus Amish Puzzle Ball

I know these times are stressful. We are dealing with work and kids and dishes…the DISHES! (Does your family want to eat every day like mine?)

And everybody deals with stress differently. Some bake bread, filling the house with that delicious aroma. You might escape the circumstances by binge watching a show or getting lost in a book.

I’m the kind that deals with stress by making irreverent fun. So here’s the result of my stress crocheting….

The Coronavirus Amish Puzzle Ball!

Start with the virus. Discover how to destroy the virus. Then discover a cure!

Fight the virus!
Wash your hands to destroy the virus!
Discover a cure!

Finished Size: Approx. 5 inches
Worsted weight yarn (#4)
1 ball red, 1 ball gray, 1 ball any color for the cure side (CC)
US G hook
Polyester fiber fill
Basic Crochet supplies (scissors, tapestry needle, etc.)

Gauge: not critical


beg – beginning
ch – chain
lp – loop
m – marker
ML – magic loop
rnd – round
rpt – repeat
sc – single crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 together
sl st – slip stitch
st – stitch

Cure Side

Using CC, beg w ML.

Rnd 1: In ML, ch 1, sc 4 in lp. Do not turn.
4 sc

Note: Do not ch 1 at the beginning of rnd here and throughout. Work in a spiral.
Use an open m to mark your beg of rnd.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around.
8 sc

Rnd 3: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] 4 times.
12 sc

Rnd 4: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 st] 4 times.
16 sc

Rnd 5: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 3 st] 4 times.
20 sc

Rnd 6: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 4 st] 4 times.
24 sc

Stop here or continue in pattern for a larger finished project. Finish off. Hide ends.

Make 12 pieces.

Virus side

Note: The beginning of this piece is very fidgety. If it’s too frustrating, use Gray to make pieces just like the Cure Side. Then use a lark’s head or other knot to attach short pieces of red yarn to the centers of each gray piece.

Using Red, ch 8, sl st in bottom lp of beg ch to form a lp.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc2tog around.
4 sc

Rnds 2 & 3: Sc around. Finish off changing to gray in last st.

Continue as for Cure Side starting with rnd 2.

Make 12 pieces.


Using gray, hold 1 virus side and 1 cure side with wrong sides together making sure the cure side is closest to you. Working through both layers, join with a sl st. Ch 1, sc in same st and next 12 sts.

*Hold another pair of virus and cure sides together with the cure side closest to you, and working through both layers and beg in any st, sc in 13 sts. Rpt from * until 4 sections are attached. Join to beg sc being careful not to twist work.

Rotate work to continue around the other half making sure the cure side is still closest to you. * Sl st in top of first sc of next section. Working through both layers, sc in same st as last sc, sc in next 11 sts stopping halfway to stuff section, sc in same st as next sc. Rpt from * around. Join sl st to beg st. Finish off weave in ends.

Rpt 2 more times to make 3 rings with 4 sections in each ring.

Need a hint to put it together? Coming soon! Try it yourself first!

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