Ravelry, Free Speech and Personal Determination

Ravelry’s administration has made a decision to not only oppress free speech, but also to create a hostile environment by encouraging divisiveness in politics on a platform that should be encouraging unity by exploring those things we have in common: family, friends and a love of knitting.

I believe these divisive topics should be discussed in small groups with friends who will listen, debate, and respect relationships despite disagreements. I don’t believe it is useful to divide people in a worldwide group.

I also believe that business owners have the right to make decisions about their own companies. Likewise, users have the right to choose which companies they partner with. Therefore, as a Trump supporter and a Constitutionalist, I have removed my patterns from Ravelry. My patterns will be available on my website http://www.katieclarkcrochet.com within a month.

If you are interested in exploring alternatives to Ravelry, please contact me at katieclarkcrochet@gmail.com